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▓HuntOrganise a treasure hunt on Valentine's Day. The children of your household a▓re simply gonna love this. Write up little notes ab▓out how you feel for them and what they mean to you and place them around your house along with a ▓candy heart or other treat. Add a r▓iddle at the end of each note about where to find the next▓ note. At the last note, have something special waiting there, say a teddy bear or other toy or treat. Make sure that you hide the notes when none of the little ones are wat▓ching, or else all the fun is going to be spoiled.Touch livesSaint Valentine gave up his life t▓o be of some assistance to his country

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ursing homes beforehand to arra▓nge for your visit. Else, your noble i▓ntentions can be misinterpreted and can land you in unpleasant circumstances. Two more food sampl▓es tested positive for melamine in Hong KongPremier Li calls for efforts to improve people's wellbeingPremier Li calls for efforts to improve people's wellbei▓ngPremier Li calls for efforts to impr▓ove people's wellbeing02-03-2019 09:0▓9 BJTBEIJING, Feb. 2 (Xinhua) -- Premie▓r Li Keqiang has called for efforts to deepen reform an▓d opening-up, advance economic and soci▓al development, and improve people's wellbeing.During his inspection tour of north China's▓ Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region from F▓riday to Saturday, Li, also a member of the Standing Committee of the Politic▓al Bureau of the Communist Party of China (▓CPC) Central Committee, visited poverty-stri▓cken rural households in the city of Ulanqab.Li asked relevant departments to make research on promoting potato planting as part of efforts on eliminating poverty through agricultural development.When visiting a farmers' ▓market, Li learned about the price and sales of beef and mutton. He said more efforts should be made to increa▓se residents' income to make them more willing to spend money.At a train station, Li boarded a slow train and chatted with migr▓ant workers about whether they had received their wa▓ges on time. He called for coordinated development

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